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About Quantum Wave

Quantum Wave Capital is innovation and investment reimagined. Specialized in exponential technology, we combine AI with strategic and corporate finance advisory and principal investment practices in a disruptive platform designed to support complex asymmetrical risk / reward decisions on emerging technologies and early-stage companies. Operating as a bridge between Silicon Valley and the new innovation hubs emerging around the world, we connect the people, capital, and ideas at the edge of the approaching wave that is The Singularity.

Contact: info@quantumwave.ai

The Vision

We live in a time of exponential innovation. In terms of the transformational technologies that are emerging, as well as the nature of their production. The globalization and democratization of innovation have decentralized power away from closed systems and large organizations, including Silicon Valley itself, distributing it to highly-agile startups around the globe. Silicon Valley is no longer a region. It is a platform and a state of mind. Inspired by the legend of Silicon Valley’s iconic leaders, a new generation of highly-talented and resourceful entrepreneurs and managers is emerging around the world. In hubs, as far afield as Berlin, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm, and Tokyo, these entrepreneurs are proving that they can innovate as aggressively, create as ingeniously, and work as hard as their contemporaries in Silicon Valley. Wherever they are, they believe that anything is possible. That they can change the world. We agree.

Select Success Stories

The Fifth Wave Book


Co-authored by Quantum Wave Founder, Robert Marcus, The Fifth Wave: A Strategic Vision for Mobile Internet Innovation, Investment, and Return tells the story of this exponential technology revolution and the way it will radically alter life, society, and commerce.

The Fifth Wave lays out a comprehensive strategy and a set of defined steps and processes for predicting and valuing deep technologies and early-stage technology companies according to where they fit within their complex ecosystem.

This is the first book to describe in depth the workings and the unfolding of the Fifth Wave, to create a lingua franca and a standard methodology for decoding the DNA of exponential technologies, and to provide a structure by which all of the participants can be valued and evaluated.