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Exponential Technologies

The solutions to the most complex technical challenges lie in the intersection of two or more exponential technologies, which, when used in combination, produce radical change. We believe that The Singularity, and the coming wave of exponential technological growth it will unleash, will be activated by a next-generation communications and applications environment that is based on artificial superintelligence running over superfast edge computing networks.

Take autonomous vehicles as an example. They produce gigabytes of data on everything from passenger comfort to music preferences and safety records, let alone all the GPS requirements and vital systems information to make them fully autonomous. Scale that up to millions of cars and the potential multi zettabytes of data being produced is too much for our current infrastructure to handle. The emerging class of hyper-intelligent devices, robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, and augmented reality glass, heavily reliant on AI-based applications and services, will generate unprecedented demand for compute power, power that cannot be delivered by terminal devices alone, moving it closer to the customer, to the edge of the cloud, and the superfast 5G and later mobile networks.

This shift will initiate an architectural sea change for both cloud and mobile leaders, who will inevitably compete for control of the edge, unleashing a torrent of competitively inspired innovation, and opportunity. We concentrate on AI and edge computing.