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We concentrate on AI and edge computing software. Innovation can be described in a series of waves, where the accumulation and the rate of change combine to dramatically restructure an industry. The coming wave of super-intelligent AI-based applications and services will generate unprecedented demand for compute power, power that cannot be delivered by terminal devices alone, moving compute closer to the customer, to the edge of the cloud, and the 5G mobile network. Cloud and mobile leaders will compete for control of the edge, unleashing a torrent of innovation, and opportunity.


Written by Robert Marcus

“The Fifth Wave, A Strategic Vision for Mobile Internet Innovation, Investment & Return,” is written by the Founder of QuantumWave Capital, Robert Marcus. By decoding the DNA of the mobile internet, Robert developed a proprietary classification system and analytical tool that helps contextually understand and value deep technology startups. And, with over 8 billion mobile connections and trillions of devices in the process of being connected to the internet, the mobile internet is creating more wealth, disrupting more businesses, and unleashing more innovation than any force in history.
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